Why you should enrol your child for their future success in life?

Join the many parents that are finding the answer of where their child can go for a safe, happy and exciting environment and where the staff are specially trained to engage children in an innovative programme designed to their individual natural abilities. Parents quickly gain the confidence that our staff, programme and what they can now do at home with their children focusses on what they are interested in and what will lead to success at school and in later life.

Our principle and our philosophy, aims involve developing a child's strong self-worth and a love of learning. We do this by using the framework of multiple intelligence theory and research.

We aim to develop the early emergence of a positive self image and a love of learning. In addition we encourage the appropriate development of independence, social, emotional management, communication and analysis skills and knowledge. Parents should visit our centre to see and hear more about our programme aims and strategies; especially about developing the 8 different intelligences and preparation for school and life.
Whilst the planned activities provide a structure, equally important to facilitating development for each child is the proactive role of the teacher in promoting learning opportunities with positive guidance and careful observation for each child, which is assured with the quality staff-child ratios and specialist training.
A special feature of the programme is the ongoing formal assessment of each child in terms of their development, so that both teachers and parents are aware of the child's current learning challenges and progress. Parents of children enrolled at Prodigy Centres have the benefit of understanding their child in terms of our research and innovative multiple intelligence framework in which we help identify your child's natural advantage and potential.
Children have access to a range of specially designed and resourced 'learning centres' inside and out. These provide a safe but stimulating environment for children during and between programmed activities.
Your child will be included with a small group of children of similar development age. They will be involved in activities with their own group and also in larger groups during the day.
The centre is only one of five in New Zealand that has been accredited to provide the innovative prodigy programme and assessment systems, focussing on the development of multiple intelligences in childen.
Activities are planned and organised to stimulate the children to explore and learn about important parts of life and our community. Using a range of themes and topics as a background, we provide opportunity for expression such as in artwork, construction, role play, dance, song, stories, exploration.