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Service Features

Prodigy Preschool Everglade is one of four Prodigy Preschools, providing all day educational programmes around Auckland. The Prodigy Group, which has been preparing preschoolers for school and beyond for over 35 years, providing extensive resources, professional and management support. We offer a number of weekly enrolment options, with a minimum enrolment of 3 days per week, 6 hours per day.

Prodigy Preschool Everglade provides high quality early childhood education for ages 2 - 5 years. Through our child-initiated, teacher directed programme, along with individual child assessments, children are encouraged to develop to their full potential.


"The objective of our service is, through effective teaching by trained staff and stimulating environments and resources, to improve each child's chances of success and happiness in school and life.

Prodigy Centres provide high quality early childhood education programmes and resources (for children and parents) based on the identification, assessment and promotion of the multiple intelligences and individual proclivities of each child."

We believe children learn and develop in a child-centred environment, where they are happy, challenged, interested and secure. They enjoy themselves by being exposed to a wide range of preschool activities, from warm and caring staff.

Prodigy Preschool Everglade has been providing excellence in learning for children between the ages of 2 - 5, in Manukau City, since 2006. A high quality programme and low teacher ratios ensure that the individual learning needs of the children are identified and catered for.


We have a structured full day learning programme, individually tailored to meet your child's needs, with experienced and highly qualified staff and quality child to teacher ratios.

Our programme provides activities that are both child initiated and teacher directed, empowering children to develop to their full potential. We welcome your participation and feedback, as we are working together in the development of your child.

We also provide a special 4 year old 'Ready for School' Programme. See more information below.

To obtain the full benefit of of programme the minimum enrolment is 3 days per week, 6 hours per day.

Our opening hours are from 7.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday, with a number of enrolment plan options. Please ask the Supervisor for more information and to find out which option suits your needs best.


Prodigy Pre-school Everglade has a special 'Ready for School' Programme. Teachers work with the parents to help prepare their child for a smooth start at school. We as a team not only focus on academic outcomes, but also focus on positive, social and behavioural competencies, along with the 8 Smarts: body smart, nature smart, art smart, logic smart, word smart, music smart, self-smart and people smart.

We provide stationery that includes a homework book and age appropriate activities that are done at home. The supervisor will explain the programme when the child turns 4.


We provide full day early childhood programmes for children aged 2 - 5 years, with a special 'Ready for School' Programme for 4 year olds.


Our staffing plan allows for excellent teacher/child ratios of an average of at least 1:8 for preschool groups. This ensures optimum attention for each child. All of our teachers are fully qualified and registered with The New Zealand Teachers Council.


Please enquire with the Supervisor to find out the fee applicable to the enrolment plan that best suits your needs and to the age of your child.

Effective from 1 Nov 2014, our fees start from $70 /wk, for 3-5 yr olds.


The Centre is licensed, by The Ministry of Education, to operate as an Early Childhood Education and Care Centre, under the Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008.

Ross Penman, Director is supported by management and staff for administration, staffing, property, resources, curriculum, special needs and quality assurance. Being part of group of 4 centres in Auckland, staff have access to better professional development, resources, ideas, peer support and review.


Shirley Motupalli

"My 10 years of being an early childhood teacher has helped me to grow from strength to strength in understanding children's aspirations and the way they make sense of people and experiences around them. Children have shown me how they can make a pathway to new heights of exploration through their activities and the discussions I have with them, I enjoy being with children and creating opportunities that will allow me to be part of their magnificent world of imagination, creativity and the rich environment filled with innocence, fun and excitement."

Shirley was appointed as our new Supervisor in October 2014. Shirley recently moved, with her husband and 2 sons, to Papakura from Waitakere, leaving her role as Centre Manager from a similarly sized Kindergarten in Glen Eden, where she has been since 2011. She also has a further 6 years prior experience as a Supervisor and a total of 10 years working as an ECE teacher in New Zealand. With a MA from India and a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) from Auckland University, Shirley is a fully registered teacher.

Shirley is responsible for the day to day management of the centre, the education programme, child assessment, resources and facilities and parent liaison; as well as leading our team of professional teachers and when necessary, a relieving teaching role.

Prodigy Preschool Everglade:

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