Service Features

The Centre has an innovative arrangement that provides an enrolment plan for all 5 days but allowing absences and flexibility for a very low weekly cost.


Monday-Friday: 7.30am-5.30pm . Enrolment is for a Standard Plan of at least 30 hours or an Extended Plan of more than 30 hours on 5 days per week. The longer hours give your child more time to engage in our programme and give you less stress and more time to get other things done. The Centre is also open during school holidays, but closed on statutory holidays.


The preschool centre is currently accepting applications for enrolments for children under 2 years . Places in the Nursery and under 3 group are not always available and preference is given to older children and those that enroll full time.


Our staffing plan allows excellent teacher/child ratios of usually better than 1:4 for the nursery and 1:8 for preschool groups, to ensure optimum attention for each child .


Please enquire to find out the fees applicable to you particular needs and age of child. You will need to formally apply to have the enrolment, costs and your booking confirmed. As an indication, however, the following weekly charges for full time enrolment applies from week ending 6 February 2011.

  Standard (<30hrs pw) Extended (>30hrs pw/5days)
Under 2years $190 $280
2-3 Years $185 $260
3-4 years $125 $160

The centre is licensed for 50 children, by The Ministry of Education, to operate as an Early Childhood Education and Care Centre, under the Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008. Ross Penman, Director, is supported by staff for administration, staffing, property, resources, curriculum, special needs and quality assurance. Being part of a larger group of Centres in Auckland, staff have the benefit of access to better professional development, resources, ideas and quality assurance and opportunities for sharing ideas and resources.


Claire Whittle

Claire has a Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood), is a parent of 2 boys who resides on the North Shore. She has over 15 years experience in early childhood education centres. Claire is responsible for the day to day management of the education programme, child assessment, resources and facilities, as well as taking a full time teaching role and leading our team of professional teachers.